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UNC trouble makers

Here's a list of UNC football players, basketball players and coaches that have been busted in the last few years


Please read this classic post from InsideCarolina.com about UNC's troubles.  
Name Sport Charges
Bosley Allen Football Possession of Marijuana
Varian Ballard Football Assault
Jimmie Black Basketball Domestic Violence
Fred Blackman Football Possession of Marijuana
Adarius Bowman Football Possession of Marijuana
Ronnie Bryant Football Larceny, Possession of Stolen Property
Brian Chacos Football DWI
Ed Cota Basketball Assault inflicting serious injury
JamesOn Curry Basketball Selling and Possession of Marijuana
Daniel Davis Football Probation violation
Anson Dorrance Soccer coach Sexual Harassment
Derrick Fenner Football Cocaine possession, Assault
Phil Ford Basketball DWI (twice)
Joe Forte Basketball Possession of marijuana, Possession of a handgun
Michael Gilmore Football Assaulting a female
Jon Hall Football Assaulting a female
Jon Hamlett Football Felonious possession of a firearm on school grounds
Greg Harris Football Assault
Robert Harris Football Rape, Burglary
Errol Hood Football Larceny
Jason Horton Football Possession of Cocaine with intent to deliver
Terry Hunter Football Possession of marijuana, Revoked License
Leon Johnson Football Not Leaving Scene of a Fight
Kitwana Jones Football Assault
Aaron Leak Football Larceny, Possession of Stolen Property
Clyde Lynn Basketball Statutory Rape
Bryant Malloye Football Assaulting a female
Mike Mason Football Resisting Arrest, Fake Drivers License
Kivuusama Mays Football Assault
Ricco McCain Football Assault inflicting serious injury
Willie McNeil Football Possession of Marijuana, Trespassing
Stephon McQueen Football Assault
Makhtar Ndiaye Basketball Assault
Terrence Newby Basketball Assault inflicting serious injury
Brian Norwood Football First Degree Rape, Sex Offense of a Child, Crime Against Nature
Mark Paschal Football Assault, Resisting Arrest
Julius Peppers Football Assault
Xavier Rainey Football Driving with a revoked license
King Rice Basketball Assaulting a female
Clifford Rozier Basketball Larceny
Melvin Scott Basketball Assaulting a female
Jerry Stackhouse Basketball Assaulting a female
Lawrence Taylor Football Possession of Crack Cocaine
Isaiah "Puff" Thomas Football Possession of Marijuana
Dante Thorogood Football Possession of Marijuana
Rasheed Wallace Basketball Assaulting a female, Possession of Marijuana
Robert Williams Football Assault
Greg Williams Football Assault
Chris Woods Football Assault on a law officer, Resisting arrest
David Wooldridge Football Larceny
James Worthy Basketball Soliciting Prostitution
Wallace Wright Football Assault, Communicating threats

This list contains only arrests and lawsuits. Not included on the list are many incidents that are simply swept under the rug such as Chesley Borders being suspended "for his behavior following a traffic incident" or Chris Hawkins being booted from the football team for beating up another player who was screwing his girlfriend.

Even the biggest UNC icons are guilty of unscrupulous behavior. Michael Jordan had a longtime extramarital affair and tried to keep her quiet by paying her off. He was also being investigated for gambling by the NBA and subsequently "retired" for two years. Rick Fox was caught cheating on his wife and cold-cocked Doug Christie on the way to the locker room after a game. King Rice left the bench during a game as an assistant coach, ran into the stands and tried to assault a fan. Marion Jones continues to deny using steroids although she is surrounded by family, coaches and associates who have been suspended and testified against her and is currently being investigated by the IOC. Julius Peppers was suspended by the NFL for steroid use. The list goes on and on.

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